About us

About Us

Welcome to Resolve Concierge

We take pride in providing booking services for all types of guests. From individuals to groups, and from leisure to corporate events. Our aim is to make your experience the most memorable as possible and hassle free. So we offer a wide range of premium booking services to take your trip to the next level. From securing vip tables and club tickets, to arranging sunbeds at your favourite beach club. Let us handle the work, while you enjoy a vip treatment.

Seif Hedfi Founder of Resolve Concierge

Seif Hedfi

Luis Schulz Founder of Resolve Concierge

Luis Schulz

Our story

Our company has a diverse team that communicates fluently in different languages such as, Spanish, English, Italian, Dutch, French and Arabic. This way we can communicatie with you in your native language, making you feel the most comfortable and understood as possible. We are proud to provide the most personalized and efficient services to our customers from all over the world!

The team has been stationed in Ibiza for over ten years. Therefore we know the places to be, but more importantly not to be. We can assist and advise you the most special places that even some true Ibicencos haven’t seen before. So not only do we know the party places, we know all the places!